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IMGW Business Offer

Transport and Logistics

Forecasts and data necessary to cover roads during unfavourable weather conditions. Ensuring safety, improvement of undertakings effectiveness and decrease of fuel/energy consumption.

Hydrological and meteorological conditions have a significant impact on maintaining the roads in proper condition, especially during winter season.

During performance of various operations during winter roads cover it is necessary to have reliable and precise weather information, which allows project managers to lower operational costs.


  • Weather forecasts with hourly step on specific parameters.
  • Current information on weather status.
  • Animations of radar maps and satellites photos.
  • Products from PERUN lightning detection system.
  • Working out dedicated text forecasts by the meteorologist, up to 7 days.
  • Issuing model short- and long-term forecasts with text generating for specific points.
  • Analyses of hydrodynamic conditions during disasters and accidents of watercrafts.

Hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic expertise and studies on various climatological elements, based on stored archive data, as well as description of weather situation during flight cancellation by airlines.

Access to current information concerning changes of meteorological conditions, including current alerts sharing.

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