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Sports and Culture

Possibility of planning, organizing or postponing an event, based on current weather information.

Taking up optimal decisions, based on reliable weather information during mass events, organized on the ground and water.

Hydrological and meteorological conditions have impact on organization of events on the ground and water, so it is necessary to have current weather forecast service and measuring data which enable reducing the costs by precise identification of needs connected with event organization and ensure safety during the ongoing undertaking.


  • Working out current measurement data.
  • Weather forecasts and meteorological cover in the place of event.
  • Short- and medium-term forecasts (charts and tables including hydrological and meteorological parameters).
  • Forecasts of hydrodynamic conditions during sport events in the area of Baltic Sea coastal zone.
  • Model forecasts of sea level.

Hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic expertise and studies on various climatological elements, based on stored archive data.

Access to current information concerning changes of meteorological conditions, including current alerts and communication sharing.

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