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Climate and Environment Protection

The assessment of environment condition and modelling the field of emission in the water environment and in the atmosphere.

Taking up conscious and responsible decisions, based on research, analyses and expertise in the scope natural environment protection, with special reference to decisions aimed at maintaining or restoring the good condition of the environment.

Protection of the environment is a key issue for saving people’s life and health. It is necessary to use proven methods of monitoring the environment and assessing the environment condition, in accordance with current domestic and European legislation.

Precise research, analyses and expertise will allow to make a reliable assessment of environment condition, which is the basis of indicating the directions of actions aimed at limiting changes, maintaining the good state of environment or improving it.


  • Diagnosis and forecast of impact of air communication emissions on air quality.
  • Modelling the field of emission for periodic evaluation of air quality.
  • Assessment of meteorological and climatological background of analysed area due to air quality conditions.
  • Scenarios of climate change.
  • Prognoses of pollution spread.
  • Assessment of impact of big industrial emission on transboundary impacts.
  • Assessment of environmental impact in terms of air quality.
  • Assessment of maritime condition, conducted in accordance with current domestic and European legislation.

Creating expertise and analyses based on stored archive data.

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