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IMGW Business Offer


Analysing investment location and adjusting conducted works to hydrological and meteorological conditions.

Improving safety and efficiency of planned investments.

Hydrological and meteorological conditions impact the completion of every construction stage. It is necessary to have current weather data and reliable forecasts which will minimise the risk of losses.

Precisely planned weather-related downtimes will allow to avoid unnecessary material losses and extending the construction deadline.


  • Reports on currents and archive measurement data.
  • Impact of planned investment on flood risk.
  • Determining floodplains.
  • Determining areas endangered with flash floods.
  • Hydrodynamic modelling, rainfall-runoff.
  • Setting Qp% ordinates for the needs of construction and reconstruction of bridges and express roads.

Weather forecast:

  • Short- and medium-term forecasts (charts and tables including temperature parameters).
  • Forecast of wind on various height.
  • Model forecasts of water level and water currents.
  • Model forecasts of water flow in selected rivers.
  • Model forecasts of wave motion impact on hydraulic buildings.
  • Model forecasts of wave motion impact on coastal erosion processes.
  • Archive analyses of wave motion from numerical model.


  • Hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic expertise and studies on various climatological elements, based on stored archive data.
  • Wind roses.
  • Expertise on ground snow load.

Access to current information concerning changes of meteorological conditions, including current alerts and communication sharing.

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