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Identification of weather windows, in order to ensure safe and on-time performance of air operations and support in effective airport users service.

Taking up optimal decisions, ensuring safety while performing air operations, both on the ground and in airspace.

Meteorological conditions have great impact on all operations, both on the ground and in air. It is necessary to have reliable and precise information allowing harmonious performance of strategic operations.

Precisely planned downtimes, connected with adverse weather conditions will allow to avoid unnecessary changes in schedule.


  • Climatologic studies for airports.
  • Meteorological observation reports (METAR).
  • Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF).
  • AIRMET and SIGMET information.
  • Area forecast (GAMET).
  • Low Level Significant Weather Chart (SWL).
  • Forecast of icing and turbulence intensity (presentation in the form of map).
  • Airports cover.
  • Animations of radar maps and satellite photos.
  • Products from PERUN lightning detection system.
  • Prognoses for flight route.
  • Meteorological cover of gliders, airplanes and hot-air balloons competitions.
  • Meteorological cover of air shows.
  • Organization of trainings in the scope aeronautical meteorology.


  • Analyses and meteorological expertise on various climatological elements, based on stored archive data.
  • Wind roses.

Access to current information concerning changes of hydrological and meteorological conditions, including current alerts sharing.

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