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Quality management system

Quality management systems have contributed to the current knowledge of present and future customer needs, as well as scheme of Institute operations and schemes of Institute’s operations and processes. IMGW-PIB analyses various quality factors, reports them and undertakes effective actions.

Thus we contribute to developing teamwork model. With the benefit of hindsight we see the impact of implemented quality management system on everyday work and products of IMGW-PIB.

The quality management system, implemented in IMGW-PIB, is based on PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and covers all organizational units, which was proved by certificate issued on 15th November, 2019 by TÜV NORD company (certificate no. AC090 100/1982/3654/2019).

Moreover, the Institute has been granted certificates in the following areas:

  • Meteorological Protection of Civil Aviation (MOLC) – certificate no.: AC090 100/1982/3654/2019-01;
  • Hydrological and Meteorological Protection (HMOK) – certificate no.: AC090 100/1982/3654/2019-02;
  • Dam Monitoring Service (TKZ) – certificate no.: AC090 100/1982/3654/2019-03;

IMGW-PIB has also accredited research and calibration laboratories in the scope of:

  • Central Laboratory of Measurement Equipment in terms of relative humidity, pressure and temperature (electric thermometry), in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025-2018-02 standard, accredited by Polish Accreditation Centre – certificate no. AP 126;
  • Research Laboratory of Chemistry Department in Dam Monitoring Service, in the scope of collecting water and sewage for chemical tests, as well chemical research, accredited by Polish Accreditation Centre – certificate no. AB 1388.

Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute has been designated by the Minister of Infrastructure as an institution providing air navigation services with meteorological protection of civil aviation.

Within meteorological protection of civil aviation a management system has been implemented, including: SMS safety management system, change management and protection management.

All management systems implemented in IMGW-PIB are subject to continuous development and improvement, in order to improve the quality of our products and services.

CEO of IMGW-PIB has established, implemented and published IMGW-PIB Quality Policy and Safety Policy which create a framework to set out quality goals for each year and support our strategic directions of activities.