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R&D works

IMGW-PIB research and development activities focus on the following domains: Meteorology

  • Agrometeorological and agrohydrological studies on crops forecasting and agriculture protection.
  • Studies and research in radiation and thermal balance.
  • Subject co-operation in measurement methodology and observations carried out within meteorological network.
  • Study of physical processes in surface layer of the atmosphere.
  • Studies and research on climate of Poland and its neighbouring areas, applied climatology and studies on antropogenic impact on climate forming events and processes.
  • Specialized climatological expert opinions to meet the needs of various economy branches.
  • Elaboration of methods for air pollution state forecasting.
  • Study of background air chemical pollution and its transformation in the atmosphere.
  • Study of air conditions impact on atmosphere radioactivity.


  • Study of rivers using teledetection techniques.
  • Research of lakes in the fields of hydrology, water quality and reclamation.
  • Water resources dynamics and modelling of hydrological processes.
  • Water termology and evaporation.
  • Monographs of rivers.
  • Operational forecasting models.